The Team
At Tandem Global Solutions, people are our most valuable assets. Each Tandem Global Solutions team member is an advocate for our customers, which is why we employ hardworking self-starters who believe their opinions matter, because they do.
Our mission is to employ, develop and train the best team to move our customers' business safely, efficiently and on time, every time, and we do.
We know our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best benefits for them, from competitive salaries to optimal health care offerings and paid leave policies as per local laws regulations.

Social & Sustainability Commitment
Tandem Global Solutions regard the nature environment as the principal attention and take efficient measures to protect the environment in order to be a socially responsible company. This will be
    Ensuring the suppliers and transportation processes are environmentally sound
    Reducing pollution to land
    Using resources more efficiently and reducing fuel usage

Safety and health are two vital principles for employees; therefore, Tandem Global Solutions have emphasized employees working under a safe and healthy environment with relevant measures throughout the established strict safety and health standards which employees must comply with.
Employees are the integral part of cooperation in the process social and sustainability

initiatives such as:
    Ensuring vehicles and employees' operations follow strict safety standards
    Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
    Organizing trainings and career development programs for employees
    Encouraging employee volunteerism
    Caring employee’s health

Tandem Global Solutions have recognized that respect and support for the communities are important to its ongoing success. This will in turn help create

vibrant, growing markets. As a responsible citizen in the community, we reach out:
    Communicating with communities
    Holding charitable giving
    Playing actively in local development activities



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