Logistics Solutions

1. Freight Forwarding
For global supply chains, access to transportation capacity is an apparent requirement when selecting a freight forwarding company. However, if you want more from freight forwarding, Tandem Global Solutions provides the shipment visibility and control that adds flexibility and efficiencies.

Tandem Global Solutions freight forwarding services provide local expertise to assist you with the complexities of country export and import requirements. We coordinate all aspects of the process on your behalf, including compliance with rules and regulations and country-specific documentation.

Tandem Global Solutions can ship your goods via its carrier relationships anywhere in the world, with no restrictions as to size, weight or mode. Our global team will guide your freight through regulatory compliances and customs points, and provide local oversight. Within Algeria, we can arrange your shipments using one mode or several – whatever is optimal for you. You’ll have realtime visibility of each shipment through our online tracking technology.

Our premium freight forwarding services can stand-alone or be integrated with inland logistics services and transportation. This gives you the convenience and centralized responsibility for a door-to-door solution from one logistics service provider.

Efficient and timely “Port to Door” Freight Forwarding Service for national and internationally distributed cargos include:
    Air and Ocean shipments
    Finished goods and Raw materials
    Plant equipment, accessories and spare parts
    Bulk cargoes (solid, liquid, packed, etc.)
    Break bulk cargoes (boxes, pallets, skids, etc.)
    Dangerous cargoes
    Controlled temperature cargoes
    Project cargoes

2. Nationwide Transportation
Tandem Global Solutions is one of local leading companies’ ground transportation with best-inclass capabilities for reliable, on-time service. This includes 100 tractors and trailers covering the most Algeria ports and working sites.

Our extensive capacity within Algerie and Tunisia can support a wide variety of shipments. Take your truckload deliveries to the next level with our reliable and flexible shipping services, including small parcel, flatbed, truck load, temperature controlled and consolidation.

3. Managed Transportation
Tandem Global Solutions is currently working on putting in place a managed transportation services.
The fully customizable suite of services can help Client reduce their transportation costs, increase efficiencies and enhance flexibility in rapidly changing market conditions.
Tandem Global Solutions provide comprehensive managed transportation solutions to clients in the Oil and Gas sectors.
We will work alongside with Client to identify opportunities for cost and labor efficiencies, such as the elimination of redundant costs, stronger communication practices, and actionable reporting, while minimizing your investments in equipment, software, facilities and personnel.

The offered service solutions will provide full door-to-door visibility into order status, generate reports on schedule or on demand, analyze shipping patterns, and keep scorecards of service quality.

Once implementation will be completed, and throughout our collaboration, our logistics experts will continue to review your operations to realize further efficiencies and reduce costs.

4. Project Logistics
You get more value from your supply chain when transportation, warehousing, inventory, expedited deliveries, even returns are synchronized and working in harmony Tandem Global Solutions simplify your Project Logistics with the right solutions and expertise. Client will gain better control over the movement of goods and materials and acquire valuable information surrounding that process.
Tandem Global Solutions will provide skillful, efficient logistics solutions that stay within your time and budget constraints. Our project logistics and freight forwarding experts have a thorough, comprehensive process for executing more successful programs Bring in our Project Logistics experts during planning phase to evaluate potential shipping risks and freight options, and provide the information that Client need for better decision-making.

5. Warehousing Services
Tandem Global Solutions wide-ranging warehousing and distribution services connect seamlessly within your supply chain no matter where your business is located within Algeria. With Expeditors integrated and unified local information technology, you get real-time visibility and reporting on inventory, along with connectivity that allows you to expand your global operations virtually anywhere in the world. Strong inventory management and customized fulfillment and delivery services keep your supply chain—and business—moving.

6. Customs Brokerage Services
Whether you’re importing or exporting shipments, Tandem Global Solutions will always have your best interest in mind. We take our expertise in customs brokerage seriously. When it comes to filing an entry, classifying a product, or receiving and shipping goods into and out of Algeria, our team of experts will ensure compliance of the latest government rules and regulations in order to avoid costly delays, services failures, and fines and penalties. This service includes but not limited to the following:
    Completion of all required import and export Customs formalities
    Safe and proper Handling Operations
    Processing of Port fees and Customs Duties
    Customs-bounded Storage
    Shipment Inspection and Survey
    Temporarily Import / Export Management
    Documentation Record Management

7. Supply Chain Solutions
Tandem Global Solutions has the expertise and global reach to satisfy the unique requirements of clients in the oil and gas industry. We can help you achieve your goals by transforming your supply chain network to reduce complexity and costs, and improve service levels.
This allows you to focus on your core competencies while remaining in control of your supply chain operations. Our Lean methodologies and deep understanding of the oil and gas sector can elevate the productivity of your supply chain and set a pace of continuous improvement.
In addition, Tandem Global Solutions understand that customers need to standardize safety and regulatory compliance across the range of service providers you use.
We have direct experience driving compliance by establishing baselines, regularly engaging carriers and other service providers, and developing customer and site-specific safety programs.

Value-added capabilities include:
    Supply chain consulting
    Reverse Logistics
    Inbound supplier management
    Service parts networks
    End-to-end visibility
    Laydown yards
    Inventory and Materials management
    Procurement and Sourcing
    Equipment Rental
    Government and Public relations affairs
    Feasibility Studies, Route & Port Surveys
    Risk Management
    Transport Insurance



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